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Brands that
connect with
their culture

At Jaimito we do branding so that brands express themselves according to their internal culture. We believe that this is the only way to connect with today’s society, which demands authenticity and human brands. A brand that is created and nurtured based on the beliefs, values, objectives, and team of your organization, will more easily generate a bond with your audiences, both within and without your corporate borders.

To achieve this, we always apply the following three principles, which are, in turn, the stages that our projects always go through.

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How we get the job done


We connect with you and your internal culture.  We will surprise you with great questions as well as very obvious ones to make sure our understanding is complete. We conduct design thinking sessions and experience what it's like to be a user of your brand.

How we get the job done


Our biggest frustration is not a rejected idea, but that you don't feel your new brand is yours :( Based on that premise, we love what we do and we always try to surprise you and provide extra added value, both in design and writing.

How we get the job done


The main problem encountered by companies that rebrand is the difficulty in applying it once the branding experts finish their work. That's why we are obsessed with making brands usable and useful, without being skimp on explanations, resources, and templates.