Why “Jaimito”?

Maybe it is the one thing that has been asked the most since our creation. This comes from the fact that many advertising agencies, especially the traditional ones, bear the name of their founders, such as Leo Burnett or David Ogilvy. We thought it would be interesting to give a different spin to the concept and chose the name of a person that does not exist but that represents us and Spanish popular culture: Jaimito. We liked the values ​​of closeness and “creative mischief” the name indicates and we weren't scared of the possible negative backlashes. Fortunately, clients still haven't told us “you are a joke”. If we were an engineering or medical company, perhaps they would not be so amused that we called ourselves that. But being a creative agency, our coworkers and partners are delighted to call us “jaimitos”, do “jaimeetings” and create “jaimitadas”.

Are you specialized in a specific sector?

There are two types of agencies. On the one hand, there are those that specialize in a specific sector, such as gastronomy. On the other, there are those that work with all types of clients and adapt to the client’s sector:
today a juice brand, tomorrow a medical brand. Jaimito is part of the second category. This is because we believe that working with different brands makes us learn much more and allows us to work with a fresh outlook
on each new job. We compensate for the lack of specialization in the sector with an initial phase of analysis. This phase helps us better understand the client and makes us absorb all the necessary information.

Am I a real changer?

Although we normally work with changers such as startups or companies with sustainable purposes, we also believe that the sum of small changes goes a long way. That is why we also consider changers to be institutions, family or corporate profile companies that, with great dedication, try to incorporate changes that make them adapt to the times we live in. If that is your case, we are here to help you.

I don’t know what I want (or need), do you have more information?

Do not worry. This website is a way of greeting you, to break the ice. If you want to know more about us or explain your project, write to us at hola@agenciajaimito.com. We will be delighted to meet you.