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A brand to the rescue of "imperfect" fruits and vegetables

Every day thousands of kilos of fruits and vegetables are discarded for not complying with the canons established by law. Resources that are perfectly healthy for human consumption are wasted, generating a negative impact on the world. Esoes is a small company that provides an optimistic solution. They create drinks from “imperfect” fruits and vegetables, demonstrating to the customer that you don't have to be Superman or Wonder Woman to help the planet. Small actions also create big changes.

A naming with a double message

Esoes congratulates us all for taking those little actions that take care of the planet: That's it (in Spanish ¡Eso es!) And it responds to the planet's call for help, reflected in the English spelling of the acronym SOS: "es" "o" “es" (Spanish pronunciation).

A movement with its flag

Esoes wanted to push the fight against food waste from an optimistic point of view. For this reason, we have worked on the symbolism of the flag as an open, warrior identity, without ties. The label as with fruits contains all kinds of colours that combine and blend freely.

A totally bioagradable pack

Inspired by the 70s, the diagonals, the color combination and the gradients are its hallmark.

Immortalising an attitude

Through photographic treatment, Esoes claims its own positive revolution. It elevates its product, makes the product pose proud and portrays a funky attitude, inspired by the hippie movement but in the 21st century.

We introduce you to the stickons

Inspired by fruit stickers and thought to be one more element of the Esoes revolution on digital and physical platforms, stickons (stiker + icon) were introduced to the brand.

“Jaimito is plenty of talent, but above all, there are amazing people willing to make things happen. Their closeness, affection and professionalism, means that we have never regretted leaving ESOES in their hands.”

Toni Llull, Esoes Co-founder