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Discovering a not so far away treasure

La Ribagorza wanted to show the world that it is more than just the Pyrenees. That is why it needed a brand that, in addition to its beautiful mountains and its Aneto peak, represented each of its other not so much known areas.

To do this, we researched and met with local mayors, business associations and visitors to identify Ribagorza’s hidden gems and its true essence. Of course, we also had the chance to spend a few days on "vacation" in the area.

It was incredible to discover in first person everything that Ribagorza has to offer, and this is how we reflected it.

A brand of high and low beat

La Ribagorza is a network of roads, rivers, valleys and mountains that hides surprises in every corner, you just have to discover them. It is a place where you can relax and take a deep breath -inspira (inspire)- or quicken the pace and live great adventures -explora (explore)-.
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Naturalness and authenticity as key elements.

Its entire visual identity is meant to search for the balance between warmth and cold, reflecting the region’s contradictions throughout its territory and the seasons. On the other hand, its natural elements and textures expand a visual universe that revolves around the authentic.
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Authenticity, nature, cold and warm colours are also present in photography

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If you like travelling, you will like La Ribagorza

Coinciding with the international travel restrictions due to the pandemic, we launched Ribagorza’s Instagram account. We wanted to show the region as a destination, as wonderful as others, but located just a few kilometers from home. This is how we presented la Ribagorza to its first followers and to the 7 couples and families of micro-influencers whom we invited to the region.
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"La Ribagorza launches its new tourism brand with the slogan 'Inspire, explore', which seeks to help the sector recover after the Covid-19 crisis."

Heraldo de Aragón 27/07/2020