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Aprenem Autisme

A campaign to show and to celebrate everything learned.

The year of its 15th anniversary and on the occasion of World Autism Awareness Day, Aprenem Autisme association reach out to Jaimito to create a sensitization and awareness campaign that would break many myths that our society has about autism.

That is why, together with Aprenem communication team, we created a content campaign titled #AprenemCadaDia, in which 5 public figures spend a day at a family with children with autism home.

Who has not ever heard “You learn something new every day”? At Aprenem, they have been doing it for 15 years. That’s why this campaign revolved around the claim #AprenemCadaDia and its objetive was to invite the rest of society and the protagonists to go to bed having learned something new about autism.

Using a mix between the documental and journalisitic format, it was shown a normal day in which the invited public figure spent a few hours with the child, interacted with him/her and with his/her parents.

In order to generate a trust environment, communication and emotional connection, there was a link between the passions of the child with autism and the profession of the guest.


The campaign had more than 30.000 visits on owned channels and appeared in media, such as TV3, Beteve, FGC and TMB; however the most important results were not those that can  be measured, but the ones that can be felt. Results like these: