Grafico comparativo entre el logo anterior de inveready y el actual tras el rebranding realizado

Reasons for rebranding

Rebranding is a brand renewal that can involve a name change, a logo change, or changing an entire corporate identity. But when is the right time to do it?

There are various moments in the life of every organisation where rebranding can help meet business goals or solve an important corporate issue. There are even situations when the same organisation may carry out several rebrandings throughout its history. Here are some of the occasions when rebranding can be key for your company.


  • M&A. Mergers and acquisitions. Your company has joined with another company and you need to build a new common culture.
  • Necessary update. Your organisation’s brand has become visually outdated, and doesn’t match today’s needs in terms of aesthetics and format.
  • Reaching a new market or target. You want to reach new market segments or different audiences, so you need your brand to connect with these new horizons.
  • Employee branding. You want to increase your recruitment capacity or improve employee retention.
  • Customer acquisition. You need a brand that responds to the needs of your current customers and is an ally of your sales department.
  • Shift in values. Your past values, your business model or your activity have changed, and the solution is to start from scratch.
  • Professionalisation. Your current brand was a minimum viable product that helped you get off the ground, but now you need it to reflect the same standard of quality that your business stands for.


As a rebranding agency, the vast majority of our projects are rebranding, as our clients already have a brand but need a change as a result of some of the above situations.

  • Inveready

One of the most important asset managers in Spain came to us with a need to update and align themselves with the right values… Rebranding affected their logo and corporate identity mainly, so we carried out what is known as brand restyling. Check out their case here.

  • Atrys

Another restyling example that aimed to support major international growth, an IPO, and the incorporation of new companies through M&A. When approaching the project, it was vital to create a common brand culture for all employees. Check out their case here.

  • Lexcrea

This law firm wanted to position themselves in the startup world while maintaining their essence and staying true to their corporate culture. The challenge was to find a middle ground between where they wanted to be and where they were today. Check out their case here.

  • Timup

Formerly known as First Talent, this recruitment company needed an entirely new brand, starting with their name. Alignment with the team was key, given the nature of their business. Visit their website.

  • Turismo la Ribagorza

The tourist office of the Ribagorza region needed to update their brand to attract new visitors, and better show all the reasons for the region’s appeal. In this rebranding, a new brand idea and corporate slogan were created, as well as a radical change in visual identity. Check out their case here.

These are some examples of projects we’ve worked on as an agency, but it’s easy to find many others online. At Jaimito, we use BrandNew as a source of inspiration, which allows us to search all the rebranding cases that are taking place in the world.